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Very soon we will start making custom made Grillz, made from any type of gold you want Yellow, White and Rose Gold. For these gold grillz we will only be doing 9 and 18 karat; it's all up to you which type of gold you want and how much karat you would like. Please note the price of the gold grillz will vary depending on what karat is used, the amount of grillz you get and the style.
You can also have your grillz the ICEJEWLZ way, all flooded out with diamonds of your choice. We will use Si, VS or VVS diamonds and we will fit as many as we can  into your grillz depending on the size of your teeth and the type of grillz you've chosen. 



9K £150+
9K/SI £450+
9K/VS £500+
9K/VVS £550+
18K £200+
18K/SI £500+
18K/VS £550+
18K/VVS £600+


 How long would it take ?

2-3 Weeks after the moulds done.