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Designer: IceJewlz

Chain length
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Solid Sterling Silver with a White Gold Finish 

Stones : Lab Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia)
Length : 36Inch (Long)
Weight 90Grams                                                                                                                         Width: 0.6CM

These products have been finished to the highest standards with solid silver interiors. We guarantee that these products do not contain nickel and that only class A cubic zirconia laboratory diamonds have been used. Every one of our products is put through a thorough quality control and assurance regimen to deliver only excellence to our customers. These products represent what IceJewlz is all about! Exclusive and excellent handcrafted jewellery, our designs and moulds are made in-house and are exclusive to our brand. We know this is what you were looking for! so you are welcome :)

Solid Sterling Silver with a White Gold Finish (Rhodium)?

What this means is that if this product was a cake, the sponge (inside) would be silver and the cake Icing would be white gold. This makes the product look more professional and give a better shine and adds extra value to the product. We also do this as it give the product the same look as white gold products.

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